The Thompson Family News

 This is the latest news of the Thompson Family Descendents.

This page is under construction because new stuff is always happening!


09/13/1998: Irvin & Sherrill Byers get married.

03/13/1998: Began construction on web site. Todd figured it would be an easier way of getting information out to the family.

03/11/1998: Amber Melissa Hartigan was born at approximately 4:00am. She weighed a  healthy 5lbs. 14 oz. at birth.

03/02/1998: Ruth Ann Byers passed away. Her funeral was held in Port Angeles, WA, where she grew up. There was a memorial in Salinas, CA, where she and Irv had lived for so long.

02/28/1997: Julie Damson (Thompson) passed. She was 89 years old. A memorial for her was held at Greg Lewis, her son's, home. Todd met Ruth and Irv Byers at the memorial.

09/26/1996: Todd finds more unknown relatives and get the idea for a family reunion.

02/13/1995: Todd begins corresponding with Timo Timonen from the Finnish branch of the family.